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Self-compassion, Gratitude, self-awareness, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, Quiet inner critic, looking inward, confidence.
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As we work together, I help you invite self-compassion, courage, and gratitude into your life that enables you to embrace the fullness of your being.
You’ll explore the power of self-awareness, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence and learn how to quiet the inner critic holding you back from living a life you truly desire by looking inward and building confidence through gratitude and self-compassion.

How we can work


1:1 Coaching Package -
Price $1,350

My 1:1 coaching package is 6 sessions for 3 months with two 55-minute sessions per month and one 30-minute spot coaching session per month to keep you on track and supported. These time frames are long enough to experience purposeful results and short enough for a manageable commitment. You can always extend at the end of our contract.

Group Coaching (3-6 members):
Price $50 monthly

We all have own struggles, just trying to figure out our way through life challenges, navigating pressures from all directions, and sometimes feeling alone while doing it all.

There’s nothing like feeling safe to be completely vulnerable and honest in a space where you are free from judgement and feel connected to other people that can relate to the same thing you’re going through.  By facilitating the group conversation, I can help you support and empower each other to live the lives you deserve, knowing that we’re in this together!

Some Topic Examples:

Group Coaching


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